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The Joys of Our Friendships: 4th Quarter Prayer Service

Mr. Santos shares his story with the SI community

The 4th quarter prayer service focused on diving into the celebratory spirit of the the Easter season- specifically reflecting on and holding gratitude for our relationships. Jade Mac '23 used the "7 friends" trend circulating on the Internet to reflect on her most meaningful friendships, sharing stories of how these people impacted her high school journey as she prepares to start a new chapter. Mr. Santos shared about his complicated relationship with one of his students and how this has contributed to his perspectives.

Jade Mac recounts about her "7 friends"

Reflections on Club Growth

Budding Penships Kate Quach '25 "Budding Penships had such a successful and meaningful year, from our penpal outreach to senior homes across California to our second annual Words of Wisdom welcome car


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