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  • 2022-23 Editors-in-Chief

A Closing Letter From the Editors-in-Chief

Dear SI,

We’re at the canopy now! Trees in a forest, we’ve grown furiously this year. We began at our roots, broke through what held us back from growth, bore fruit, connected together, blossomed — and now, we reach for the openness of the emerging skies, leaving our nest. At year’s end, it is a time for celebration, for nostalgia-filled reminiscing about the journey we’ve all taken. And, as we look to the new environments we will enter, it is a time to say farewell and “until we meet again” to the forest that has been our home for so long.

It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to Inside SI. This publication has played an immense role in our lives for the past four years. We would especially like to thank Ms. Boland and Ms. Nickolai, our benevolent censors, who have been instrumental in helping us to develop both as writers and as individuals. We are so proud of the growth of the paper, creating eight issues with the largest staff in modern SI history, printing fullsized papers, re-launching the website, and so much more. There's no containing our excitement for the future Editors as they sprout new growth when Fall rolls around again.

Happy Graduation to the Class of '23! We hope you have a summer worthy of all the best headlines!

Jack Stecher '23

Reilly Moriarty '23

Jack Quach '23

Melissa Hua '23

Philip Luongo III '23

Vol. 71 Editors-in-Chief

Comfortable Silence

I’m sitting in my friend’s car, where we’re talking about the day’s activities, blasting the same music we always listen to, and sharing laughter and tears. Silence inevitably arrives but there’s no o


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