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  • Sophie Barsoian '26

Reflections on Club Growth

Budding Penships

Kate Quach '25

"Budding Penships had such a successful and meaningful year, from our penpal outreach to senior homes across California to our second annual Words of Wisdom welcome card event, which brought together students of all grade levels in enthusiasm for the Class of 2027! We’re looking forward to rolling out our Buddy Huddle board during Spring Finals to display encouraging notes and messages to the SI community. We’re also so thrilled to have our end-of-the-year gathering to celebrate our accomplishments and ring in another upcoming school year filled with new memories and opportunities!"


Pet Nation

Jack Quach '23

"Pet Nation is looking forward to finishing a fantastic year strong and engaging all of the SI community through a shared love of pets! In May, we created therapy with Roger and Ginger as we participated in the Wellness Fair. We look forward to sharing the mental health relief that the joy and warmth of our therapy dog visits during the Finals Week Oasis! This year, we extended our commitment to service that is at the core of our club through our annual, all-school Pet Nation Calendar Fundraiser — supporting the St. Dominic's community — and a return to in-person service visits and activities with our pets. As Pet Nation both celebrates the 2022-23 school year and looks on to the next, there's only exciting new voyages ahead!"


Gender Equity and Rights Club (GEAR)

Eva Lee '23

"Gender Equity and Rights Club is finishing up the year with unity and pride. As we enter the twelfth year of its legacy, the the mission of GEAR has only expanded and will continue to reach all sectors of SI as a community and an institution. I’m incredibly grateful for the active participation of our members at events this year, and I hope to se this club flourish in the future! Two specific goals set at the beginning of this year were to hold more open dialogue and to organize events in which we analyze pop culture. I felt that in both the fall and spring, we successfully achieved this and more. I continue to reminisce [about] the brilliant insight shared by members of our sophomore class who questioned gender equity in SI’s dress code. This valuable discourse combined with an increased male membership fostered faith for the future of GEAR— aka, the dismantling of sexism and patriarchal ideals that remain in the core of our school and larger American society."


The Quill

Meredith Foster '23

"After many lunch meetings and long hours spent quilling in Room 117, this year’s edition of The Quill was brought to the SI community on April 28. The number of stunning poetry, prose, art, and photography submissions far exceeded our expectations. It was a joy to curate our literary magazine to showcase the bold and beautiful creations of the SI student body."


JCL Club

Carmen Aaronson '24

“JCL will round out a successful year with the election of the new board for next year! We are looking forward to seeing what ideas new leadership will bring in the coming year. We aimed to bring back activities that went away due to Covid, and we did that with ease. The main accomplishment from the year was going to the first in-person State Convention since 2020. Our delegation had an incredible time, and we came back with many awards that are proudly displayed in the Latin classroom. We all look forward to what next year will bring for JCL.”


Polyglot Club

Grace Brady '23

“Polyglot hopes to have a laid-back final meeting, perhaps learning something like Klingon! This will be an opportunity to enjoy what we've built with the club. My hope with Polyglot was that our meetings would be informative but at the same time build community around language learning. We have had a student speaker teach us Russian (shout out to Gaby Freedland '23!), we've taught each other romance languages, and have learned how to sing Irish folk songs. Through learning, Polyglot has become an awesome community, leaving everyone with some wonderful memories.”



Leia Kwan '23

“SITV is finishing up the year fairly strong. We're planning for some fun episodes to come, as well as some engaging segments to participate in! Seniors especially are trying to squeeze in everything we want to do before we leave. Logistically, we are also training lower classmen and the potential leadership in skills and techniques to take over for next year. To be completely honest, I don't think we set many goals this year for what we wanted to achieve. SITV just set out to see what would happen, and personally, I am very proud of what we've done. We put in a lot of effort into what we do, and the product definitely shows. It might not be perfect, but it's uniquely ours and no other season could compare to this Season X.”


Medcats Club

Vivian Ng '23

“MedCats chose to host more social and informative events as the end of the year nears. We have prioritized student interest and engagement! Having hosted a Banana Suture Lab and Guest Speaker events, we have seen students’ passions and motivation to learn more about the medical field. Our club has more members than last year and have been proactive about opportunities. The opening Ice Cream Social Event included more than 100 students! We have reached a bigger audience and we want to invite other students who may have an interest in medicine, or simply dip their toes in the water.”


Sophie Barsoian '26 is a Vol. 71 Contributing Editor


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