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  • Alyssa Wong '25

SI Live

The 2022-2023 SI Live cast bring laughter to Bannan Theatre

Do you enjoy comedy? Then you probably enjoyed SI’s very own version of Saturday Night Live! SI Live is an annually recurring live sketch comedy show that is written and produced by SI students; this year it was held on May 11th and 12th in Bannan Theater.

Previewing the event, sophomore leader Cooper Rollings said, “We’ve been working on some good stuff. If anyone has recently had stomach surgery they cannot come because they will be laughing so hard their stitches might explode.” The show featured parodies and poked fun at SI culture through a collection of videos, live sketches, popular memes, and skits about teachers. The show was made for everyone and featured comedy for all grades and something for everyone to laugh at.

Alyssa Wong '25 is a Vol. 71 Contributing Editor

Reflections on Club Growth

Budding Penships Kate Quach '25 "Budding Penships had such a successful and meaningful year, from our penpal outreach to senior homes across California to our second annual Words of Wisdom welcome car


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