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  • Melissa Hua ’23

Meet the New Admin!

Many SI students will have already met some new faces following their orientation experiences. Three new administrators will be making a marked transition from their previous roles in the SI community.

Ms. Megan Pryor Lorentz, formerly a member of the Adult Spirituality team for the last 7 years, will be stepping into the newly introduced role as Assistant Principal for Mission. She expressed a sincere delight in “being able to work more with students.” She has always been a staple at campus ministry events and has already encouraged students to attend the new Friday afternoon liturgies (Friday Afternoon Ministry, or FAM).

Dr. Tasia Davis will now be stepping away from her role in the dean’s office and role as an ethnic studies teacher, and entering the newly created role of Assistant Principal for Community Formation and Culture where she will be helping to develop and advance many of the DEIB initiatives throughout the school as well as working closely with the deans’ office and affinity groups to further inclusive practices throughout the school.

Ms. Haley Sanchez, formerly an English teacher and field hockey coach at the school, will also be stepping away from the classroom to enter the deans’ office joining current Dean Escobar. Her bright energy and constant supply of dum-dums will certainly serve as an incentive for any student who wishes to stop by the deans’ office this year.

Melissa Hua ’23 is a Vol. 71 Editor-in-Chief.

Reflections on Club Growth

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