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In Loving Memory: The Astronomical Joy of Ms. Kellar

In April, the SI family grieved the loss of beloved physics and calculus teacher Ms. Kellar. During each class she taught, Ms. Kellar continually spread laughter, enthusiasm, and the utmost fascination with the discovery of the universe. She joined St. Ignatius in 2018, where she would teach both AP Physics and AP Calculus classes to students.

Outside of the classroom, Ms. Kellar was actively involved as a moderator of the SI STEM club where she was an advocate for math and physics education. Her favorite events to host were star-gazing events. These events would invite students from all different grade levels; any student who attended could instantly remember her resounding joy as she pointed out a new star or constellation.

Before teaching at SI, Ms. Kellar was also a researcher in astrophysics at Dartmouth University, where one of her papers created methods of discovering distant galaxies often too faint for most instruments to detect.

“Her passion always transferred to the meetings we held,” Gaby Freedland ’23, a STEM Club leader, said. “When one of the leadership members suggested the field trip to Astra, the space company, she was beyond excited to make this trip a reality. She embodied the curiosity of the science field.” Ms. Nickolai also remarked, "Ms. Jessica Kellar was such an enthusiastic teacher, and she shared her passion for Physics, especially on topics related to the Astronomy, with her students in such a vibrant way. She was particularly interested in celebrating the achievements of women in science. We will miss her optimistic spirit."

Dr. Quattrin, who shared a room and taught AP Calc with Ms. Kellar, recounted, “Ms Kellar was always upbeat, excited, and infectious. She loved her students and her subjects. We had a great time creating word problems for Calculus about black holes, trinary stars, the Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico where she had worked. We will all miss her."

The SI community is praying for Ms. Kellar’s family and loved ones during this time of remembrance for the joyous, loving, and compassionate person of Ms. Kellar.

Mel Hua ’23 & Jack Quach ’23 are Vol. 71 Editors in Chief

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