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  • Alyssa Wong '25

How We Celebrate Lent at SI

What makes Lent at SI special? The Lenten season is one of the most important periods of the liturgical calendar. The season commemorates the forty days in the desert that Jesus spent fasting and enduring temptation. It is a time in which Catholics dedicate these forty days to turning their hearts from any pattern that can be destructive, from choices that limit people from being who God wants us to be, and turning towards the God who sees us for our authentic selves. At SI, the community has a special and unique way of celebrating this significant time of the year.

“I think that one thing that makes Lent special here at SI is that there is a community of people who know each other well, who are journeying together through Lent, so that no one has to do Lent by themselves,” said SI Campus Minister, Mr. Wotawa. Campus Ministry hosts several events to bring students together spiritually, especially during the Lenten season.

The Busy Person’s Retreat, held every Monday morning in the chapel, is designed to meet the needs of community members who are faced with busy schedules. The retreat gives students the opportunity to take a breather, pray, reflect and be centered.

Another Lenten event that is offered by Campus Ministry is Friday Afternoon Mass (FAM), which is a service that centers around the spirit of Lent. Every Friday Afternoon during X-period, students are given the opportunity to gather and pray through the season of Lent.

Additionally to these services, Campus Ministry also organizes the Ash Wednesday mass and a prayer service on the last day before break.

The SI community and Campus Ministry offer several opportunities to celebrate and learn about this unique time of the year. Want to learn more about Lent? Attend one of the gatherings and embrace the true meaning of the Lenten season.

Alyssa Wong '25 is a Vol. 71 Contributing Editor

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