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  • Bridget Stecher '25

Community Through Co-Ed

SI welcomes its first Girls Volleyball team and co-ed class in 1989.

Saint Ignatius High School, founded in 1855, blossomed into something very different than when it started. What attracts so many students to SI? Although SI being co-ed entices many prospective students, competition rises as a result. For example, male students now face greater challenges getting accepted to SI than when it was an all boys school. This brings challenges and new opportunities to engage with a different variety of people. Since the invitation of female students to the school in 1989, the school experienced change in so many beneficial ways. Mr. Regalia, graduate of the first co-ed class, states, “Adding women to the school has made the experience more rich for all involved; different experiences are highlighted and celebrated.” The diversity our school has to offer is very unique and can stand out from other schools.

Another fact that adds to SI’s popularity is its status as the only Jesuit high school in San Francisco. Mr. Regalia mentions that “the Jesuit teaching has been and will continue to be the foundation of who we are.” Many people want to come to SI to experience what makes a Jesuit education so unique: living with and for others. SI also offers a variety of activities that appeal to everybody. Whether they are into performing arts or athletics, SI stands out by presenting opportunities that aren’t available at other schools. Through the different things SI has to offer, it completely stands out amidst other high schools in San Francisco and will continue to blossom as it becomes more unique.

Bridget Stecher '25 is a Vol. 71 Contributing Editor

Comfortable Silence

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