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  • Kevin Chin '26

Strong Through The Finish Line

Updated: Feb 7

Kevin Chin ‘26 runs for his first Cross Country meet

The St. Ignatius Wildcats cross country team just finished a very successful season as they pushed themselves to the limit and performed exceptionally all around.

The freshman boys finished first in their WCAL division race and first overall. Aiden Gray ’26 ran an outstanding race finishing up third. The sophomore boys finished third in their WCAL final race and third overall. After finishing fourth last year, the team is trending up. The JV boys had a strong season finishing second in the league and second in the WCAL finals. They finished behind Bellarmine, who had an impressive 9 out of the top 10 finishers.

The varsity boys raced exceptionally well finishing second in their race and tying for first in their division. The team was led by Trey Wright ’25 and Kelvin Chan ’23, who finished third and fourth respectively. It was a huge step up from last season, as the ’Cats jumped four spots up the ladder this year. After finishing second in CCS, the varsity boys finished 9th out of 27 in the state meet held November 26th!

The freshman girls had a great season, finishing second overall in the WCAL race, holding their spot from the previous year. The frosh team was strong in the WCAL finals, finishing second overall led by Natalie Bravo who finished third individually. The JV girls stayed strong placing third overall in their division and third overall in their final race. All of the five JV girls scored placed within the top 20, displaying the depth of the time. The Varsity girls raced well and raced strong, finishing third in their league and third in the WCAL finals. Eva Devlin '23 raced in the state meet and finished on the first team for the WCAL All-league Team, after a spectacular season!

The squad as a whole had a great season, with every group finishing in the top three of their division.

Kevin Chin ‘26 is a Vol. 71 Contributing Editor

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