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  • Bridget Stecher '25 and Ella Walti '25

Leading the Pack: SI Senior Captains

Senior Day for Track

As the school year winds down and Seniors prepare for the next chapter of their lives, Senior captains begin to reflect on their experiences with their respective sports and the impact of leading a team on their high school career. Captains have the unique opportunity to give and receive knowledge from their teammates as they interact throughout the season.

Sports at SI bring students from various backgrounds together in the form of a shared common interest. As a leader, this opportunity manifests itself in invaluable ways. Senior coxswain and crew captain Elle Karanian '23 stated, “My teammates inspire me everyday to push myself physically and be a better person! I strive to have a positive impact on them too! I have learned many values such as persistence, and how to be a leader, which will stick with me through college and the rest of my life.” As a result of her years as a leader for younger Wildcats, Elle values her ability to unite a group of people. Being a leader in high school gives one the confidence later on in life to set examples for others.

Sports bring people from different corners of the school together and captains help them find a place of belonging on the team. “Being the team captain has been a really good experience for me,” recalled crew captain, Masey Milham '23. “Being a team captain has allowed me to connect and talk to people on the team that I probably wouldn’t have anyways and I have loved it. I will definitely try to keep fostering that same environment on my team in college even if I’m not the captain, because you truly don’t need the title to be a good leader.” Masey provides a sense of comfort for the lowerclassmen on her team that she felt was lacking when she was in their position. Now, she enters college with new skills that she might never have gained without this opportunity.

The most important things in maintaining a healthy relationship with your sport and creating team camaraderie are to have passion and find support,” remarked Track captain Bianca Hallinan '23. “Whether it is words of affirmation or motivating conversations with my teammates, keeping an optimistic mindset is vital in being the best athlete and teammate I can be.” Bianca shared how she tried to stay positive throughout the season and spread this mindset to others. By looking on the bright side of things and always choosing the option with a great challenge, her skills will rub off on their teammates.

The relationships made on teams have the potential to be life-long friendships. Track captain Ben Rodriguez '23 said, “Leading this team taught me the importance of building a relationship with my fellow teammates. The friendships I’ve made while leading this super blazing fast SI team are going to last even when I go to college next year, that’s how strong my friendship with my teammates has gotten!” Spending everyday with his teammates as a captain, Ben knows he will take these friendships to college. He puts in the work to get to know his teammates on a deep level, to a point where it will be hard to leave them next year!

"It’s only your best when you make it your best…so make it your best. "
-Bianca Hallinan '23

Bridget Stecher '25 and Ella Walti '25 are Vol. 71 Contributing Editors

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