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  • Winston Zapet ‘23

Navigating a Busy Lifestyle

Jade Mac '23 demonstrating great leadership during an event

Walking to class during passing periods, Campus Ministry during break, or studying in the counseling center, Jade Mac '23 can be found anywhere on campus. Involved in many different activities such as the Association of Latin American Students, On Air With SI, and her favorite extracurricular activity, Polynesian Dance Club. She became a Co-President for the Polynesian Dance Club and choreographed a senior piece for the Dance Show. With so many activities, one wonders how she maintains involvement and keeps herself motivated. When asked, Jade explained that in addition to loving her activities, a strong sense of responsibility and commitment goes a long way in staying motivated.

Her involvement, she says, has helped build her sense of being part of a greater mission; helping others provides “satisfaction of helping [the] community.” Balancing academic and personal life proves to be difficult for many—Jade reminds the student to take a break and give oneself time to decompress. Some of her pastimes include weightlifting, walking her dog, or journaling. St. Ignatius develops students into leaders who are with and for others and Jade Mac embodies that mission through her dedication to helping out her community the best she can.

Winston Zapet '23 is a Vol. 71 Managing Editor

Artist Spotlight: P3

Music provides a platform for self expression, whether it be in the genres one listens or writing and producing original songs. For Senior Philip Luongo III '23, inspiration stems from “emotions [he]


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