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  • Winston Zapet ‘23

Artist Spotlight: P3

Music provides a platform for self expression, whether it be in the genres one listens or writing and producing original songs. For Senior Philip Luongo III '23, inspiration stems from “emotions [he] feels everyday,” oftentimes valuing a song where “real and true sentiments” are experienced.

P3, his stage name, began with the intention of “having fun,” releasing his first song, “Bow Ball," as a joke between him and a friend. As with many hobbiesturned-passions, there are aspects which entice the person to continue pursuing their craft; for Philip, the most enthralling aspect lies in “thinking of rhymes and trying to tell stories” through his lyrics.

Music genres are vast, spanning from afrobeats to indie-pop to bossa nova and so much more. Philip incorporates elements of rap and pop into his own original beats. As of May 2023, Philip has written, recorded, and produced over 30 songs, including those in his most recent album The Gemini Mixtape. Naturally, sharing something valuable to oneself brings a mix of emotions—pride, joy, nervousness, frustration—that may seem daunting. “I do get nervous about how my music might be perceived by others but I know that as long as I like it, I'm happy," shares Philip with regards to worries or concerns about releasing music. The most important thing for this young artist is that he works on what makes him happy. His music can be found on Apple Music and Spotify under Rahún Records, and SoundCloud under the name P3.

Winston Zapet '23 is a Vol. 71 Managing Editor


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