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  • Melissa Hua ’23

The Festival of Color: SI Loves Holi!

Moderators of ASC and ASC club members smile after an eventful Color War on the piazza

On Thursday, March 23rd, SI celebrated Holi, also known as the Festival of the Colors. This is the second year that SI has celebrated Holi. The highlight of the event culminates in a huge "Color War," where attendees of the event threw a variety of different colored powders at each other. Senior Kassandra Yeung said "I was excited to experience Holi for the first time at SI. I loved learning g about a different culture and being able to eat and participate in something new!" SIPAC (SI Parents Asian Club) similarly celebrated Holi on February 22nd celebrating their own color war! Holi will sure to be a long-standing ASC and SI tradition for years to come!

Melissa Hua '23 is a Vol. 71 Editor-in-Chief

Safe Space Panels

April was Schoolwide Pride Month, as you may have noticed around campus with colorful hero posters donning the hallways, the morning prayers, and the various events occurring around campus. The LGBTQ+


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