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  • Delaney Broderick '23

Go See Some $5 Mystery Movies

Regal Theater at Stonestown c/o San Francisco Chronicle

Do you enjoy a trip to our local Regal theater at Stonestown? Do you want to deep dive into a tub of buttery popcorn in front of the big screen? Movies allow us to jump into a variety of timelines—but what if you didn’t know which one you were entering?

Regal Theater is holding a monthly special: mystery movies. No, it’s not a detective film or Sherlock Holmes murder scene, but a five dollar ticket and a world of confusion. With this Monday night special you will be viewing an upcoming unreleased film but putting yourself in the potential crossfire of disappointment; you don’t know what movie you are seeing.

You may be getting a heavily discounted exclusive show of the movie you were highly anticipating, or you could walk into a Christmas musical, like I did. It’s almost like walking into a random theater with a blindfold—will you stay? I sure have. From tuning into Zach Efron’s recent release to Will Ferrell's twist on the Christmas Carol, with all bias aside, the five dollar price and red recliner seats make this thrilling guessing game one to participate in. And people have been; most of my recent visits have been in a full theater full of curious movie-goers.

My mom, the one who introduced me to this new craze, says, “It’s the perfect way to plan something small, cheap, and uncertain. It’s something I look forward to every month.”

Only disclosing the length of the film, the age restriction, and date, this Monday mystery makes for a fun start to your week. I love this thrilling and cost effective spin on the classic trip to the movies. I’ve become fond of settling into a theater recliner and cringing to see the first scene, and I think you will too.

Delaney Broderick '23 is a Vol. 71 Managing Editor

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